About us

DiscAffinity was born a 20th Of November of 2006 with the only expectation of satisfy a little small group of friends. His friend "the geek" helped them to get a place to discover new music to listen, a place where they were able to rate albums. Since that day, DiscAffinity has became a great community that shares their interest around the music. But not only the music, the predisposicion to listen new music every single day.
Below more information about us.


Jaime Fdez - vissit.com

Jaime Fernandez

Great Front-Developer, but even best person. Great humor sense and happy as anyone. He is the Indiana Jones of the team, between his latest trips we should highlight India and Vietnam.

Él es el artifice de este gran cambio de imagen. Si os ha gustado, no dejeis de visitar su página y cuenta de Twitter


Jose M. Rozas

Jose M. Rozas

Great expert in Java tecnologies. He has been so helpfull in many moments of the development, but the hardest part were the inception, helped us to decide the tecnology that finally we have used, and guided our roadmap.


Alejandro Asensio - kenzilab.com

Alejandro Asensio - Founder

He is the union component of the team. In love with the technologies and the development, he decided to start alone this adventure in 2006. Since that date, besides of studying and working, he has been creating some good mobile apps and other web applications.

He handled with ease in different languages: Java, Groovy, C++, Objective-C, PHP... between others. When he is not developing, He enjoys cooking desserts.

Gabriela Ruiz - kenzilab.com

Gabriela Ruiz

Degree in Computer Science, currently she is focused on the bank sector. She decided to leave behind his confort zone in order to en face this challenge with us. Today, she is the voice of the hard working, and perseverance and the female touch this team needs.

This little team has been working the last months in order to give you those things that you were waiting for. We hope that the hard work we have done worth your recognition, at the end, all of this is for you.

DiscAffinity Team

Welcome to DiscAffinity If you don't know us... the following information will interest you Discover music and meet people with similar tastes

With "SoulMates" and following other users.


They are users with similar tastes than yours! You will be able to see their rates in each album.

What do I have to do?

You just need to register and start rating albums. The more albums you rate the more accurate our recommendation will be.

Is rating albums the only thing I can do?

Absolutely not, you can write reviews, follow other users, create your own album lists, check our fabulous rankings, read interesting music news and share at facebook or twitter what you like the most. And futhermore you can colaborate with the project submitting albums that are missing.