Bury a Friend

Bury a Friend
Billie Eilish
Country and year
United States (2019)
3 min. - 1 tracks
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I couldn't really understand the hype

Billie Eilish was one of the break-through artists in 2018. My Twitter feed was literally filled with Billie and I couldn't really understand the hype... Until now.

Billie has now released her new single called 'bury a friend' that is from her upcoming album that will be released later this year. Her vocals are so unique and her take on music is so different from what I have really heard before - I am actually surprised I like this type of music. Billie is best known for her chilling vocals and amazing song writing - she is also very aesthetically pleasing in a strange way... She is very edgy.

I can certainly see this song being featured in a horror film and I can see Billie having a very success 2019.
Comment of thomathy-entertainment - Tuesday, February 26, 2019
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