If I Can't Have You

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Start of a new era

Shawn Mendes has released his new single titled 'If I Can't Have You' which seems to be the start of a new era but Shawn has revealed that it isn't the start of his next album - he is still constantly working on it (we love a perfectionist).

Every song Shawn releases, I love! He has such a strong voice and amazing song writing capabilities. His songs are also so catchy with high energy vibes. I honestly love his music so much! It is so raw and true to him; such an amazing artist!

'If I Can't Have You' follows Shawn's usual acoustic, raw type of sound with the guitar being a prominent instrument throughout the song. This song is produced perfectly in my opinion, it is really lively during the chorus which makes it really catchy and remember-able but the feelings you feel during the verses as it goes kind of dark and mysterious are truly amazing.
Comment of thomathy-entertainment - Thursday, May 9, 2019
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