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King of pop, we praise you!

Yesterday, Michael Jackson would have turned 55 years old if he were alive. He died 4 years ago on June 25. As you all already know, he is one of the best musicians ever. He had sold, until 2009, more than 300 million of records. That's why we offer you a little poll today: let us know how much you know about Michael Jackson by answering these questions: 1. Which was the first video of Michael Jackson that MTV aired? A. Thriller B. Billie Jean C. Black or white 2. As stated in the Guiness Book of Records, how many copies did "Thriller" sell? A. 30 millions B. 40 millions C. 50 millions 3. Which record does the videoclip of "Scream" have?...


Paul McCartney returns with New

Better known as a member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney brings the vibe back with his new single, titled "New". It is the first song from his upcoming album, the 16th of his career. The record is already on pre-sale on iTunes, and for recording it, Paul has trusted Mark Ronson, Ethan Jones and Paul Epworth as productors.


Eminem returns with MMLP2

Rap star Eminem will release his new record on November 5. MMLP2, stated as a sequel of his third album The Marshall Mathers LP, a true commercial success, hit the road with the first song we heard of it, titled Survival. Berzerk is the first single from this record, a self-titled one, as if Eminem was trying to tell the audience that he feels that he is better than ever. You can watch his new song right here. Dr. Dre, Eminem's good friend, is again after the production of MMLP2. They call him Slim Shady... he is back!


Get lucky beats records

'Get lucky', latest Daft Punk's hit, doesn't stop beating records. Youtube and Spotify have certified it as the most playable song in History. Over 100 million of people have listened to it over the past four months over both platforms. The single was released on April 19, and since then it has become bigger each day. The song is the first single from their new record 'Random Access Memories', which has a 70's music feeling. It has reached #1 in 55 countries, which is also amazing. The band is planning to release 'Move Yourself' as a second single, but we doubt that it could reach the numbers of this 'Get Lucky'. But everything is possible.


Depeche Mode releases a new video

Today, Depeche Mode has released a new video. It is a live video from their single Should Be Higher.


Follow us in Facebook and Twitter

As you know, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to keep you up to date about the latest news at DiscAffinity and in the music world. We are preparing competitions and promotions. Also we are going to increase the number of posts so we encourage you to follow us in your favorite social network and help us to spread our community and tell us everything you want.


In Utero - 20th anniversary

After twenty years of the success in the Nevermind's rerelease, is the turn of In Utero. At the moment we do not know if the label will include some unreleased song or some extra material for this album. What we know is that they want to make some extra money in these dificult moments with a deluxe edition. In the promotional video we can see a band that shoots babies in the middle of a pregnant preparation class.


First update since we launched

It's not been four days ago since we launched the new version of DiscAffinity, when we're making changes and improvements. Many of you have suggestions for improvements, wonder reasons for removed some functionalities, etc. We want to take this news to share some announcements. First and more important, we have noticed that you missed some lists which gave you so many facilities in the past, so we're going to restablish them in successive updates. These improvements includes: Contribution tops, increment the public profile information of users and some extra that we are sure you will love. Also, we want to explain changes in this update: "My Vote" section. From "...


At the end, we are in English!

We are proud to announce the release of our community to english speakers. It has been a hard way, full of pots, but at the end, we have done got it! We can define DiscAffinity like a great way to discover people with same musical tastes. Guided by user ratings we are able to recommend users with the same feelings. But not only that, we have made a simple list in order to show you the features that you will find while you sail with us: Get your Soul Mates, it is a mechanism for discovering people that has rated more or less the same that you. Read and write comments. Sometimes you want to tell us something more about an album. Create lists. You can group albums that means something for you, and will...

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What do I have to do?

You just need to register and start rating albums. The more albums you rate the more accurate our recommendation will be.

Is rating albums the only thing I can do?

Absolutely not, you can write reviews, follow other users, create your own album lists, check our fabulous rankings, read interesting music news and share at facebook or twitter what you like the most. And futhermore you can colaborate with the project submitting albums that are missing.