King of pop, we praise you!

Friday, August 30, 2013


Michael Jackson,Pop

King of pop, we praise you!

Yesterday, Michael Jackson would have turned 55 years old if he were alive. He died 4 years ago on June 25.

As you all already know, he is one of the best musicians ever. He had sold, until 2009, more than 300 million of records. That's why we offer you a little poll today: let us know how much you know about Michael Jackson by answering these questions:

1. Which was the first video of Michael Jackson that MTV aired?

A. Thriller

B. Billie Jean

C. Black or white

2. As stated in the Guiness Book of Records, how many copies did "Thriller" sell?

A. 30 millions

B. 40 millions

C. 50 millions

3. Which record does the videoclip of "Scream" have?

A. History's most expensive video

B. Most screams per video

C. More extras per video

4. Appart from being a musician, he also painted and one of his paintings got the record of...

A. Biggest painting ever painted by a musician

B. The most expensive painting auctioned by an American painter

C. The most expensive painting auctioned by an alive artist

5. He also was an inventor. He invented...

A. A pair of anti-gravity shoes

B. A hat that was stuck to his head

C. A climbing pair of gloves

6. In 1983, a California radio station broadcasted for 24 hours non-stop the song...

A. Beat it

B. Billie Jean

C. State of Shock

7. In 2008 there was a global event to dance "Thriller" at the same time all over the world. The quantity of people who attended was of... 

A. 4,000 people

B. 500,000 people

C. 2 millions of people

8. In his house, he had a room devoted to an actress... Who?

A. Liz Taylor

B. Ava Gardner

C. Sofia Loren

9. His top selling single is...

A. Billie Jean

B. Thriller

C. Beat it

10. In 1988, while performing in a concert in Wembley, he stopped the show because...

A. he told the audience not to smoke

B. he asked the audience to pray for Elisabeth Taylor's health

C. he asked the audience to pray to stop the rain

On monday we will publish the right answers over our Facebook profile.

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